Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunny Clouds triptych

This is the view I first saw when I was looking for a new place to live. I remember the realtor opening the door and I could see straight through the sliding glass doors out to this beautiful vista. I knew at that moment that the house was for me, and before I looked at anything else I said "I'll take it". That is how it has always been with me as far as places to live in. I forget about the practical in terms of how big is the space and what condition is the home. If I am not moved visually by the house and it's surroundings then I cannot live there. When The realtor asked me if I wanted to see more details about the kitchen I sort of looked at her in surprise as if something so mundane as where I would be cooking my food mattered to me. So here is the view from my living room and porch and I count myself blessed every day to be fortunate enough to have this feast for my eyes. In a world that I feel I understand less and less every day I find some comfort in the constant beauty that I am surrounded by.

This painting is painted on 3 Gallery wrapped canvases 10" x 10" in size using oil paints. The price for the triptych is $600.00
To view some of my commissions of my portrait work as well as paintings of the village of Key West visit my website at

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going it Alone

I find that the skies are most interesting when storms or hurricanes are coming. The unique storm clouds as well as the reflection of the sky and water make for some very unusual paintings. Often I am asked if the colors I paint are true and some of my viewers believe I am making up the color. In reality I more often find it harder to paint the subtleties while depicting the vibrancy of the color at the same time. I am well aware that I am painting with a tangible medium something that is not tangible and is in constant motion. The elements of air, sun rays, clouds and water as well as atmospheric pressure cause all kinds of surreal effects to take place in our skies. This painting was done during the long wait to find out if Hurricane Wilma would land in Key West, or blow by us. Luckily for us we were spared the harsh effects of this storm, and enjoyed many hours of strong wind gusts, but not enough to endanger our homes. This painting is 20" x 16" painted in oil on canvas. Selling $250

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pelican Sunset

While driving along the overseas highway and crossing the 42 bridges that connect the Keys islands one is swallowed up in the water and sky. During one of my drives I pulled over to get the last glimpse of the sun before it set. It looks like these pelicans had the same idea. When I am in transit and do not have my paints available I pull out a sketch pad and my camera and try not only to capture the image, but also the feeling of the moment. This painting was done completely with a palette knife. I wanted my viewer to be swimming in the texture and color of the surroundings.