Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rowboat on the Gulf

Looking out from my porch I see a lonely rowboat anchored in the Gulf. The setting is serene and the image does much to calm my being. In this painting the only tangible subjects are the boat and the small mangrove islands. In this painting I hope to accomplish a sense of peace and harmony.

This original oil painting is 11" x 14" on a a gallery wrapped canvas..Price $250

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heavenly Clouds

If I were to close my eyes and imagine what heaven might look like, it would be exactly like what I see here on earth in our skies. Such color, space, atmosphere and softness is difficult to imitate on a two dimensional surface. The sky is my ever changing landscape it is more engaging then any television or video show, and though I can sit and look at the same spot everyday it is in constant change and never looks the same. This six panel gallery wrapped oil painting is 30" x 30" when lined up side by side. It can be spread apart to open up the airiness quality I try to capture as the image wraps around the side of the canvas. Price $1200.00