Sunday, April 6, 2014

BAD, BAD, GAL Jeff Weissman

If you are assigned Jeff Weissman as your GAL protest, run, and report him for believing pedophilia is okay. This is a man that the judges assign who believes in the theory of PAS developed by the sick psychologist named Richard Gardner. Look up Mr. Gardner and his theory on PAS who was a pedophile himself. "PAS has not been accepted by experts in psychology, child advocacy or the study of child abuse[5] or legal scholars.[6] PAS has been extensively criticized by members of the legal and mental health community, who state that PAS should not be admissible in child custody hearings based on both science and law" By Wikipedia

But you can read all about PAS and Richard Gardner and how he ended up committing suicide after his own "attractions" to children became known. So If Jeff Weissman is assigned to your case, unless you don't give a damn about your children, keep him as far away as possible for the reasons I sited above.

More on his perjury in court and his "best interest in the lawyer"....Money. Remember he received accoloides from his own peer group of "In" lawyers, so that should speak volumes on how deceptive and corrupt this person is. There should actually be warning signs "Keep your children away from Jeff Weissman".